Thy Final Pain songs

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Final War - Preview

The CD's last song, an epic death metal song - nothing to write about it, simply listen...

Thy Final Pain - Final War - Preview - 1:17 minutes (1.76 MB)

Bury Your God - Preview

The second song on the album, coming with a blast beat intro and some melodic influences from older times, leading into a thundering middle part - one of the fastest songs Thy Final Pain had ever written...

Thy Final Pain - Bury Your God - Preview - 0:54 minutes (1.25 MB)

When Angels Die - Preview

When Angels Die is the most epic song on the album. It is a hymn about all the things we do to hide ourselves from our own eyes.

Thy Final Pain - When Angels Die - Preview - 0:33 minutes (515.84 KB)

Black In My Life

Black In My Life was the second song we've written. First we didn't want to release it, but the song's doom-influenced feeling led us to release it on Epitaph.

Thy Final Pain - Black In My Life - 3:43 minutes (6.49 MB)
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My Temptation

My Temptation is the first song we've ever made together. It represents the style we wanted to create: deeply tuned guitars, thundering bass and heavily grooving drums - and of course some vocals that won't let any doubt about Thy Final Pain.

Thy Final Pain - My Temptation - 5:20 minutes (9.75 MB)
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Confusion - Preview

The third title track - after old-school-fashioned death/thrash intro, the song's title is soon captured in deeply rolling, slow-motion parts.

Thy Final Pain - Confusion - Preview - 0:51 minutes (1.18 MB)

Lords Of Doom - Preview

Lords Of Doom is the second title on "...Of Life And Death" and additionally the newest song on the album. We've decided to record it two days before we went into the studio for the preproduction sessions. A really old-school-fashioned song!

Thy Final Pain - Lords Of Doom - Preview - 0:32 minutes (508.9 KB)

The Real Crusade -Preview

The Real Crusade is the album's last track. It is more a slow motion track, interrupted by some upspeed parts, and it shows that we have not forgot our roots...

Thy Final Pain - The Real Crusade -Preview - 0:36 minutes (565.63 KB)

Speaking Through The Black Heart

A really thundering intro will blow the listener's ears to prepare him for a slayer-like middle part. The song's rhythm is hammering itself into the brain of any metal head.

Thy Final Pain - Speaking Through The Black Heart - 4:08 minutes (6.98 MB)
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Found Myself In Death

Found Myself In Death is one of the most popular songs on Epitaph as it is an uncompromisingly straight song with a great chorus that any listener will remember.

Thy Final Pain - Found Myself In Death - 3:44 minutes (6.63 MB)
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